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Tent Hospital 14x6m :



Size: 80 square metres

Rectangular: 14 m x 6 m

Hospital tent to accomodate 10 beds

minimum size: 80 square meters

2 rectangular: 14 m x 6 m

centre height approx 3.6 m minimum

wall height approx. Minimum 2 m in detachable 2 m sections


50 % cotton ( approx ), 50 % polyester ( approx ) blend ring spinning yarn count 10 / 2 x 10 / 2 twisted in warp 46 / 48 x weft 26 / 28 threads / square inch, plain weave..

basic weight in loomstate 450gr/sq. Metre, finished weight 450gr/ sq. Metre.

canvas to be free of weaving defects and finishing faults adversely affecting strength, waterproofness and durability.

natural canvas colour (acceptable with slight greenish tint due to rot proofing) with out objectionable spots / stains.

waterproofing / resistance to water penetration by paraffin emulsion and alum acetate to withstand minimum 30 cm hydrostatic head.

stabilisation against decomposition of the fabric (rot – proofing) with copper naphtanate or any appropriate agents, minimum 0.35 percent of dry weight of proofed canvas.

dosouti lining:

100 pct cotton yarn count 20 x 20 in warp and weft, 32×32 threads per square inch in warp and weft, 2 x 2 weave, min. 6 ozs per square meter in finished state.

dyed yellow, colourfast to water, uniform colour without objectionable stains/spots.

to be sewn to the inner tent along the panel joints and to lining to stop at the splashwall with an overlap of 2 to 3 cm.

Outer fly: single fold

same material as inner fly tent canvas. Greige canvas with screen-printed on four sides of the outer fly in blue with indelible ink, for maximum visibility. Letter size height: 50 cm minimum, width: 20 cm min, spacing between letters: min 2.5 cm.

to extend inner tent by 30 cm at eaves and 60 cm at gable ends

eaves of the outer fly should have a height of 2.30 m

eaves to be supported under each guy rope with bamboo poles length 2.35 m, widht 30 mm or steel poles (dia 25 x 1.5mm) length 2.35 m, mm. This is to ensure clear distance of 25 – 30 cm between inner tent and outer fly.

5cm strengthening band to hold all rope fixations securely

provided with galvanised d-rings (triangular shape, 8-9 mm in diameter), sewn with canvas (10/2) to hold corners and side ropes


ropes made of 9 mm 3 strands nylon/polypropylene with tensile strength of not less than 750 kgs, knotted securely to tent.

slip proof runners flat double hole, hard wood 15 cm long 10 cm between the holes.runners treated against termites.

each side 3 guy ropes of 7 meter long

each corner double rope of 4 meter

other 32 ropes each 3.5 meter long

Make up:

4 side walls, 2 x 6 meter long and 2 x 14 meter long

height minimum 2 meter made up of 1.60 m canvas and 60 cm pvc coated polyester: 450 g/m2, sewn to the bottom of the wall as splash wall (ie pvc to replace bottom of wall and not to be sewn neither on top of canvas nor on top of the dosouti lining). Pvc overlap of 20 cm to serve as mudflap. Corner positions of the mudflap to be cut to allow mudflap to extend properly.

strenghtening band and yarn on the splashwall must be of synthetic material.

loops to be provided every 15 cm on the roof and eyelets on the top of the side walls to join the inner roof and side walls together (loop lacing).

sides to be joined together by loop lacing in such a way that good windproofing are provided. (distance 15 cm)

overlap of sidewalls at corners should be min 20 cm

20 cm double flap to be sewn to the eaves of the roof on all four sides to provide insulation on inner ands outer walls between roof and side wall. Outside flap to be of same material as tent. Inside flap to be of dosouti lining material.

4 doors: 2 m x 2 m – 1 doors with roof at each gable end. When opened to serve as canopy roof supported by two bamboo or steel poles doorflap to be closed by means of loop-lacing,

Threshold of the door opening to be made only of pvc coated polyester fabric. 1 door on each side wall without roof.

windows – size: 60 x 50 cm – with cross strenthening bands mosquito nets and adjustable canvas flaps to overlap window opening by 10 cm on each side. Canvas flap to be placed high enough to allow fold away clear of window opening. Windows to be placed evenly allong the side walls and 90 cm above bottom.

4 windows 40 cm x 60 cm to serve as ventilating device on each roof side, on innertent evenly distributed over the length and positioned 1 m below the ridge.

tents to be attachable by means of strong ropes

corners to be provided with canvas reinforcements (same

Material as tent canvas)

galvanised d-rings (triangular shape) 8-9 mm in diameter sewn with canvas (10/2) to hold corner and side ropes

5.14 all seams to be sewn in 2 rows lockstitched with 101 (commercial

Number) or 21/4 (english count), except handstitching

ground fixation : galvanised d-rings 8-9 mm in diameter sewn to bottom of pvc splashwall with rotproof yarn (polyester/nylon)

all bottom tabs must be of synthetic material.


constructed of hot dip galvanised steel poles, 48 mm dia and 1.5 mm wall thickness.

beam spacing every 2 metres.

sidepoles provided with sturdy baseplates to withstand wind strength of minimum 30 m/second.


dimensions: 14 m x 6 m.

material: p.p. Fabric laminteated both sides 200gr/m2 edges folded and sewn with two rows of stitching 5 stitches per inch with 21/4 (english count) good quality cotton thread or equivalent.

 Accessories & Repairing kit

34 iron pegs t bar 40 mm x 20 mm, length 50 cm, flanges 4 mm with a notch to avoid rope from slipping.

36 iron pins 30 cm long, 9 mm dia.

2 iron hammers, 1.5 kg with wooden tapered handle 45 cm long

1 repairing kit consisting of one curved and one straight

Needle and 20 mtrs sewing thread.