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House# 04, Old 34, School Road
Sector F-6/3

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Raja Tarpal House has a History of high quality tent manufacturing which dates back to 1950 the year of its establishment. Today, Raja Tarpal House is the most reliable manufacturer of High quality tents for all needs and occasions. A wide utility range of our tents Varies from Relief agencies working on relief missions to the Army and Multinational companies wanting offsite temporary accommodation. With our vast experience our main objective is to provide you with the best quality products at the best possible prices with minimum delivery time. Our team of dedicated craftsmen combine their efforts to improve the existing quality and upgrade existing models with new designs and material.

We manufacture and export all types of tents which fall into the following categories, Relief tents, Shamiyana, Waterproof tents, Family ridge tents, Wedding tents, Frame tents, Army tents, Camping tents, Display tents, Garden tents, Garden Umbrellas, Marquee tents, Pursuit tents, Winterized tents, Plastic and canvas tarpaulins, Cotton canvas(water and fire proof), Cotton ropes, Shipping bags, Sleeping bags, Leather jackets, Gunny bags, Jute bags, Blankets, Cotton Niwar, Latha, Canvas Dosuitee and other Allied products.

Raja Tarpal House has built its reputation based on its quick and efficient customer care service, Total quality management, Timely deliveries and providing you, The customer with a product that offers the best return on investment and the best value for money.

Please Contact Us today so you can be part of our extented experience and give us the opportunity to become your great experience